Thursday, September 20, 2012


I wrote a sentence.

"Kellen kissed her, growling at the taste of himself on Frankie's tongue."

And left it at that.

My characters are being mean.  Not playing with me.  So it’s time to fight back.  Yes, it’s a bit evil to leave them hanging like that.  If they want me to permit them to proceed then they will have to come out from where they’re lurking and chat with me.

I used to do this with Shane and Lyssa from Chaos.  Worked every time.  Only their problem was they were so busy sniping at each other, they forgot I was there and we were attempting to tell their story.

We’ll see how this works with Frankie and Kellen.  Although, they’re both very fierce.  It may backfire and get me hurt.  Wish me luck and send someone to rescue me if I go missing.

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