Monday, January 21, 2013


I’m spending the day at home, waiting to let in the gas meter replacement team.  I can’t leave and it’s making me twitchy.  Yes, I do realize how ridiculous that is.  There are plenty of days when I don’t go anywhere.  I’m not one of those people who can’t be on my own, can’t remain in the solitude of my home.  It’s the fact that I MUST be here and have no choice in the matter.

So since I’m on temporary house arrest which has kept me from going to work today I decided to spend at least the first part of it updating my website.  No, it still looks the same.  It’s Ellora’s Cave’s that has changed.  Theirs is all bright and shiny new.  If you’re trapped at home too why not go over, do some surfing and get yourself a few new books?  Starting with mine, naturally.

I will tell you one thing about my books before you go.  With the exception of Close to Forever they are all erotic.  To be expected since, for the most part, that’s what Ellora’s Cave publishes.  Close to Forever is a damn sweet romance that is part of their Blush line.  Of sweet romances if you didn’t already guess.

But my books also have plots, even the Quickies.  If you’re expecting sex, sex, and nothing but sex, then I’m afraid you might be disappointed.  However, if you like a little story to go with your sex then by all means, my books are for you. 

Go read one.  Or five.  Or eleven.  Hell, splurge and read them all!  I’d love to know what you think.  And then, once you’re all finished with mine move on to the other wonderful authors you’ll find in the Cave.

Happy reading!

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Taylor Tryst said...

Isn't their new website just amazing? I saw that and just love it.
And all of your books are smokin' hot except for that fabulously sweet love story, Close to Forever! Thanks for sharing, B!