Friday, January 4, 2013


Howie is home!  I’m not sure if he’s fixed fixed for real for real or not.  The whole time he was with them he started every time they tried.  They tested all they could with their fancy gizmos and nothing showed up.  So they replaced the ignition switch which they tell me is the one thing that goes bad and doesn’t trigger any bells and whistles.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!

While at the garage to pick him up I learned something, much to the staffs’ amusement.  Cars that are finished are always parked at the far end of the lot.  I got in, Howie started just fine.  But there was a HUGE gap between the steering wheel and the dials which left all sorts of wires exposed.  No, it’s never been like that before.

So before we took off I stopped back in the office and expressed my concern to Patience.  Yes, I think she’s aptly named as well.  Howie’s regular mechanic was already gone for the day but she went to get one of the others to assist me.  We met up outside and he was sporting the same grin she had been after I explained the circumstances.

As it turns out Howie has an adjustable and telescoping steering wheel.  I never knew that but isn’t it cool?  I admit it.  I oohed and ahed a bit which had the mechanic chuckling openly.  Howie, being Howie, had it adjusted just right for me all this time.  I had the nice man demonstrate how it worked anyway.  I wonder what other hidden talents Howie has that I have yet to discover.

Happy weekend all!

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