Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

The local gas company has decided it’s best to relocate all the gas meters to the outside of the house.  Not to be paranoid but just think of all the potential scenarios an overactive imagination such as mine can come up with.

I received the notice stating they were about to begin work in my block on Monday.  Oh goody.  Tuesday the various colors of paint appeared indicating which lines are where.  Wednesday the no parking signs were lining the street when I got home.  Today as I drove up the street, I saw a man tapping on my door so after Howie was parked we chatted.

Yes, I stated that I would prefer them not to blow up my house and they promised to do their best not to.  Then we discussed when they would be repositioning my meter.  Monday. Morning.  They will try to have it completed in half a day but can’t guarantee it.  So I need to use at least a partial vacation day for this nonsense.  I suppose overall they believe it will make things safer since they are replacing ancient pipes as they go not to mention the added benefit of ease of meter reading.  Let’s hope they’re right but if I suddenly vanish you’ll know that their best wasn’t quite good enough.

On a lighter note, they left the digger right out front which, as I see it, give me free reign to poke around.

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