Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seeping into my Dreams

There’s an episode in Doctor Who, Season 5 called Amy’s Choice.  The Dream Lord pays a visit and Amy Pond must choose which world is real in order to save them all.  No, I’m not telling how it turns out.  No spoilers from me.

I’ve been rewatching Doctor Who recently, in preparation from the release of Season 7 on DVD.  Apparently my mind liked that episode because it latched on to it, twisted it and tossed the transformed version into my dreams.  Well, nightmares.  Hey, that’s what creative minds do, snag something and make it our own.

In my dreams I’m in a version of my house, similar though not exact.  That’s how I can determine which is real and which is not, by the miniscule differences.  In the not scenario there is of course some unknown being lurking, attempting to shoot me.  So far this individual has proven to be a very inaccurate shot.  I hear them but they’ve missed continually.

In the reality of my life there is fortunately no one shooting at me specifically so shots heard in the middle of the night are not aimed at me and I feel relatively safe as I sleep on the second floor.  However, with the added noise of drivers barreling over the slew of metal plates still lining my street which sounds similar to gunfire and it’s no wonder that is where my dreams have wandered.

Do you know how difficult it is when things are so very similar to know if you’re awake or asleep?  To know instantly if you’re in any real danger or not?  I truly hope you don’t.  It’s no fun, screaming yourself awake and then being unable to determine if you’re screaming, stuck in the dream or actually awake.  Trust me on this one.

But watch the episode anyway.  Better yet, watch all of them.

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