Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I’ve mentioned before how there are times when Beau whispers tales as we’re drifting off to sleep.  I love when he does that because I never know what to expect.

Last night before bed, he was exceptionally wound up and kittenish, pesting the big cats mercilessly, working their last nerves I’m sure.  I told him to quit but he was so cute that I was laughing too hard for it to have much affect.

I was surprised when he curled up with me right away.  Usually when he’s that manic it takes hours for him to settle in.  I soon learned it was my turn to be his target only in a different way.

Here is what he came up with last night.  Sorry it’s incomplete.  He bounded off in the middle to return to the task of tormenting the big cats and playing with noisy toys under the bed.

There is a horse on the stairs
stretching up from the sea
He’s come to the rescue
Saving us both, you and me

Horse whistles a tune
older than old
Weaving and wafting
Truth be told

Climb on his back
He’s come to help
Swim ‘neath the sea
Beware the kelp

Songs of sirens
Horse knows them all
Hold on tight
Heed his call

Okay so I admit it.  By the time he got that far I was giggling just as much as he was.  Sometimes being transcriptionist for a cat is funny.

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