Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Assistance Please

Are there any new TV Christmas movies I need to see? Not having TV makes it difficult to know what Hallmark is up to. I like some of their movies. Family channel has a nice one every now and then as well but again, kinda tough to know what they’ve come up with this year without TV. Let me know if there’s anything new that’s worth watching and I’ll go invade my neighbor’s living room and kick them off their couch for an evening.

Weird that I like to watch Christmas movies since Christmas is another of those holidays that I prefer to skip. Maybe there’s a part of me that still believes if I watch them often enough I’ll get to have warm fuzzies like in all the movies myself one day.

When I was either three or four, I sat on the floor in the doorway to my room and watched my mom and dad assemble my brother’s train set that was supposed to be from Santa. They didn’t notice I was there until after they had it finished and after that, nothing they said could convince me there was a Santa. It ruined the magic for me but I was sworn to secrecy so I never told. I think that made me miss out on a lot, growing up. How I wish I could go back and have a real childhood now.

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