Monday, December 27, 2010

It Snowed

Just a coating here. Not like the rest of the east coast. We only got about an inch. I’m told it was slippy yesterday while it was snowing but Howie and I were home by then.

I was out and about in the morning. In the heavy hush that descends when snow is imminent. I love that. Snow is magical. Oh hush. Yes, I know snow is a nuisance. I know it inconveniences everyone. I’m not talking about the practical stuff, the technical details involved with dealing with it.

I’m talking about the feeling. The thick silence. How even normal noises are muffled as if in awe of what nature is capable of. The anticipation of the first flakes. How they sparkle. The way even Reading looks beautiful as the world slowly turns white. So yes, the street I park on at work was packed down solid and turned to ice which made getting to my car treacherous this afternoon and the wind is whipping around what little snow we got, trying to make it seem as if it’s more than it is but still, is there anything prettier than a freshly dusted pine tree?

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