Thursday, December 16, 2010

One of the Few

Darkness pervades the pale hollows of my soul

Chasing out the last of the frolicsome motes

And I welcome it.

Gone are the cluttered trappings of the pretender,

The one who used to be.

The disgruntled malcontent

So infected with society’s hype,

Replaced now with the stark nothingness of authenticity.

No more games.

Never again the marionette

Torn asunder while struggling to conform.

Lines purposefully severed.

Dancing at the end of the strings no more.

Consciousness awakening.

A hyena scavenging the mindless carcasses of those yet confined.

Open, absorbing the elemental power of the void.

Linking to those who lurk beneath the throng

Poised, ready to accept my destiny

For I am chosen.

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