Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Wrong!

In 2008 Pennsylvania passed legislation regarding puppy mills. The law required larger cages in commercial kennels, solid flooring, temperature, ventilation and lighting standards, and annual veterinary examinations for the dogs. It also prohibited anyone other vets from euthanizing animals and the stacking of cages.

Recently, a resolution, co-sponsored by local politician, Jim Cox, was introduced that could reverse this legislation. The reasoning – eliminating puppy mills, which neighboring Lancaster County was well known for, also eliminated state tax dollars as well as numerous jobs.

Yes, I know economic conditions in Pennsylvania are not good and we’re in need of a financial boost. I agree, people need jobs. However, welcoming back puppy mills, with their horrendous conditions and inhumane treatment of animals is NOT the way to go about it.

I am the first to admit that I am not very political though I do make sure I vote. This, however, is so wrong that it could cause me to become more involved.

Oh, speaking of voting, there is a special election in this corner of Pennsylvania. Tuesday, March 15th. It’s to elect the replacement for long-time State Senator, Mike O’Pake, who passed away in December after more than 40 years of representing and doing very good things for this area. So, if you’re local, make sure you get out there and vote!

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Amber Skyze said...

How horrible that they could consider legalizing puppy mills again. It breaks my heart. I hope this doesn't happen.