Thursday, March 17, 2011


I know I’ve said before that one of the advantages of living where I do is that there is a nice bar on the corner that serves decent food. Today however, the bad part of living where I do is that there is a nice bar on the corner that serves decent food.

Not only is it St. Patty’s Day, it is also the beginning of the March Madness college basketball tournament. Oops, guess I neglected to mention that the bar has 32 wide-screen TVs and promotes itself as a sports bar. Uh huh.

A few years ago, the abandoned factory building across the street was turned into a 100-space parking lot so it wasn’t quite as bad today when I got home as it’s been in years past. And the Berks County Jazz Fest no longer overlaps with St. Patty’s Day as it used to which also helped since the Pike hosts events for that too. Yes, parking is now available within four blocks on days like this instead of the former six.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, had I been able to head home at my normal time. But not today. Oh no, not today. I tried to be nice and order daffodils from the American Cancer Society during their Daffodil Days which is going on now. The ordering part went just fine. It’s the retrieving part that I had trouble with. I thought I’d take a late lunch to go collect them. Um, nope. Not there. Come back later. Okay, change of plans.

After work I had to go to the car place. Howie needed a light socket and lens. I was there last week, same thing, only they had to order it. Got there today and part of the packet was missing. So they had to reorder it. Going back for the third time next Thursday. Yeah.

Back to pick up the daffodils. Um, nope. They’d been delivered. Somewhere else. Perhaps tomorrow because there’s no way I’m venturing out again tonight.

Have I told you that I have a headache from hell? Migraine season has officially begun. And, with the day I’ve had, I think the world is damn lucky no one got hurt.

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