Monday, January 16, 2012


Over the weekend I was reading a book I wrote several years ago. It’s a sequel that is as yet unpublished. Unsubmitted, in fact. The characters have been whispering in my head recently so I decided it was time to look at it, to determine how much work it would take to make it ready for public consumption.

The good news is I still like the story. A lot! And the characters. The bad news, not that I’m sure bad is the correct word here, is that the characters contain way too much me. Even though all my characters in all my books are me in some form or another, I’m not entirely certain I’d be comfortable sending this pair out as is. I know, doesn’t make much sense and I don’t know quite how to explain it so that it does.

So I’m wondering. Am I just being paranoid? Would people who don’t know me extremely well have any clue how much of me is in them? Would anyone care even if they did figure it out? And why does this one bother me when none of the others have? I just don’t know. Nor do I know if I can revise things enough to calm me without damaging them.

I do believe the story would be worth it. I’m simply not positive I’m capable. Sigh.

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