Monday, January 23, 2012


I got out of my car at work this morning to the sound of a kitty crying. And crying. And crying. It was close but not that close so I started looking around. There’s only one other vehicle in the lot at that time of day and I was afraid he’d run over one paw or something, trapping the poor cat beneath the tire. So I slide all the way around the truck, dreading but looking anyway.

Nothing. Then I was afraid the cat had crawled into the engine to get warm and was stuck. I was about to call the truck’s owner to come open the hood and help me look when the cat cried again. It wasn’t coming from the truck.

So I called it. It cried. I called it. It cried. And then I looked up. Poor baby was perched on top of the pole at the edge of the lot. An old phone/electric pole. On of the thin ones that’s been there so long the top is rounded.

It turns out the kitty had been there since 8:00 last night. In the rain. Authorities had been called and no one was willing to help it. The best anyone could do was the Animal Rescue League who said call back at 11:00 AM. If it’s still there, they’ll help. My question is why wait so long? Are they hoping the poor thing will be so exhausted it falls on its own? Or so tired it won’t fight when they try to get it?

I’m told that the ARL did finally appear when it was confirmed that the poor thing was still up there. They got the electric company out with one of their baskets to help. It was snagged, hissing and complaining, and taken off to the ARL for safe keeping. Hopefully, it’ll decide it likes being warm and dry and adjust so it can be adopted.

I’m very happy they came because I spent the day envisioning it giving up and toppling off the pole. And no, this isn't the kitty but it gives you the idea what it looked like.

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