Monday, January 9, 2012

Today's Tidbits

It’s Monday. Full moon Monday and I sure could tell today. People were weird. No, not me. Of course not. I’m never weird. Well, never any weirder than I normally am so you can’t tell full moon by my behavior. Hahaha!

It’s Farm Show week. And not snowing. Something dreadfully wrong with that. It always snows Farm Show week. Surprisingly, I’ve never been there. From what I understand it’s kind of like a huge fair. Only an hour away, free admission to the show and just $10.00 to park Hmm, perhaps I should sneak off for a day and go. I wonder if I could manage to have everyone thinking I’m really at work, just between buildings for an entire day. Nah, probably not. Too bad. I’d like to go but I don’t think badly enough to invest a vacation day in the expedition. Got better things planned for them.

I want a cat. The one that came in out of the storm. She’s still in need of a home and she is very, very sweet. And darn cute! She talks and none of my current kitties do that. I asked the ones who let me live with them and they said no but I’m not quite ready to give up yet. After all, I provide the food and that should give me some leverage. Shouldn’t it? I suspect they're hoping someone else will come along and adopt her before I push the issue.

The movie, The Mission, showed up here on Saturday. I suspect Beau ordered it because I sure didn’t though I have heard the soundtrack is great. Tried to watch it last night but I couldn’t. Kept getting distracted. By the soundtrack!

Did you see the urban mansions on yahoo today? If I were wealthy beyond reason I'd probably be off choosing one instead of rambling at you. They are amazing. No, I don't really need all that space and I could really care less about being part of that level of society but the materials used and the craftsmanship are incredible. I'd wander around in awe. And ooh, if I had one of them then that would eliminate part of the kitties' argument. But even though they could have three rooms a piece I still bet they'd all pile on top of me to sleep, just like they do now.

I have a dilemma. I want to write something new but the characters in the books I’ve already written but not revised in order to submit them have me feeling guilty for neglecting them. What to do, what to do?

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Anonymous said...

Do it ALL! lol That should be our 2012 Motto!

See, B...I actually need the space, but some of those homes are just gorgeous!

Ah, you saved her. It'd be so sweet if you could bring her home. The kitties would get over it, eventually! lol