Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Nights

I dreamed again
Summoning the demons
The creatures from beyond
Heavily fanged with curved razors for claws and eyes that glint with evil
They broke free as they tend to do
Slicing their way through the shielding walls of my mind
The swath of destruction they cut – unmatched by anything of this realm
They roam your plane
Killing all who attempt to stand in their way
Leveling a path
Leaving nothing living in their wake
They hunt in packs
Flushing out their prey
Slaughtering at will
Yes, I bring them
But do not assume I am unscathed
I am their portal to your world
And though they need me
I am not protected
Every coming leaves me more tattered, more damaged
And soon my mind will splinter
Rendering me useless to them
They will open me up once too often
And I will be broken beyond repair
Beware that day for when it comes they will be trapped here among you
With no means of calling them home
Live now in your happy ignorance while you can
Soon enough reality as you know it will cease to exist
Darkness, unabating terror will reign supreme
And no one, no one will be spared

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