Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Howie’s been feeling rather neglected lately. He decided he needed some attention and a present.

Yesterday, when I left work, I hopped in and turned the key. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing at all. I asked Howie what was going on and tried again. Still nothing. I explained how it really wasn’t a good idea to be stranded in the parking lot at work all night and reminded him of the broken window glass we see when we get there some mornings. The third time he started and we came home.

This morning, nothing again. No matter what I attempted to coax him with he refused to make a peep. I ended up calling for a ride and enlisted help after work. Got home and he started right up. Ah. He wanted an outing focused on him.

Okay. Off to Pep Boys we went to get his battery tested. By the way, the service is not free if you bring the battery still ensconced in the car. No, it’s only free when you carry the battery in the door. I discussed this with a very nice man with a yummy voice who enlisted a not-yet-shaving child to check it for me.

Yep, Howie got himself a bright and shiny new battery. Only that didn’t seem to satisfy him. Two people tending his needs wasn’t enough. It turns out that the positive battery cable was melted to bits and extremely corroded. Ah, that explains the crayon smell! But it really isn’t safe so they recommended a new cable.

Fine. But they didn’t have one they thought would fit. Which meant the service manager had to be consulted. And him coming over to poke around got yet another technician involved to see what the fuss was about.

Bottom line. Pep Boys doesn’t carry the cable Howie needs so tomorrow I have to call his regular mechanic and set up some time for Howie to visit with him. But he did get extra attention when the manager personally taped up his melted wire so we’d be safe until the other place has an opening to see him.

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