Monday, July 30, 2012


I went to a wedding Saturday.  The groom was a former neighbor but I knew him before he and his parents moved in.

There’s a moment from his childhood that I’ll never forget.  It was just after we met.  My ex and I invited his family for a cookout.  The mom had previous plans but dad and son came over.  The guys were inside chatting while I was tending the grill.  Soon after I headed outside this adorable six year old joined me.  He said he was afraid I’d get lonely out there alone so he decided to come keep me company.  How sweet is that?

When my neighbor at the time moved in with her boyfriend, she said she was renting her house.  Instantly, I thought of this family and had them contact her.  It has been great, having them as neighbors.  I got to watch the kindhearted little boy grow into a good, caring man.

And now he’s found himself a wonderful woman to share his life.  I’m so happy for them.  Yes, sometimes life is good!

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