Friday, July 13, 2012

Moving On

Standing at the edge of the forest
Looking out
The way to civilization blocked
All those I knew have ventured forth
But I remain
Feral and isolated
Unable to survive in their new world
I still hear them sometimes
Calling out to me
Encouraging me to join in
But they are gone
Their voices just an echo
A reminiscence of what once was
Back when we were the same
Moving on
Forgetting the shared paths
Rejecting our history
Relegating us to the dusty corners of their minds
Never to be dwelt on
I am fading into the mist
Ever lost in the wilderness
Of our discarded past
Now only I remember where we came from
There’s no one else left to care
Gathering my memories like a cloak
I turn
Shrouded by what once was
And slip into my future

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