Friday, July 20, 2012

Off Balance


I read a little tidbit today.  A balance test that stated your balance begins to decline after age 25.  The article included a test to determine how you’re doing so naturally I had to try it.

You stand, barefoot, on a hard surface.  Close your eyes and lift one foot six inches off the ground while balancing on the other foot.  Hold as long as you can, counting the seconds.  Do it three times and then average the amount of time you manage.  The article gave a chart to tell you how you do.  4 seconds/70 years, 5 seconds/65 years, 7 seconds/60 years, 8 seconds/55 years, 9 seconds/50 years, 12 seconds/45 years, 16 seconds/40 years, 22 seconds/30-35 years, 28 seconds/20-25 years.

No, I’m not telling you how I did other than to say it is depressing.  Hope you do better since I know you’ll have to try it too.

Happy weekend all!

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