Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I meant to update my website with the information regarding Questing, Cosmic Connections book 1 being free for two weeks.  I meant to include links to that plus the other two books in the series.  Yahoo however, decided not to permit it.

I use SiteBuilder.  It’s easy.  Or it was.  Now it won’t open.  I re-downloaded it as instructed the first time and it won’t run.  I get a message saying it’s corrupt or incomplete, damaged or has a virus.  So I emailed Yahoo support.   Someone named Arun who needs English lessons told me to disable my anti-virus protection.

Um, no, nor acceptable which was my reply along with an inquiry as to whether they would pay to fix my computer if it got infected while it was disabled.  Lohit said no, of course not.  He (or she) assured me there was no virus.  It wasn’t working for some reason and to disable my anti-virus.  Naturally I wanted to know what “some reason” was.

Trista replied and asked me to call them instead, stating I should definitely not disable my anti-virus.  I did the schedule them to call me so I didn’t sit on hold.  Yeah, they called but I was on hold just as long anyway.

Spoke with a nice sounding man named Matt who I could actually understand so I think his name really was Matt.  You know what I mean, I’m sure.  Matt guided me through making a change to a file name and it opened instantly.  Yay Matt!

Went to make the appropriate changes and guess what?  Can’t save a damn thing!  When I tried I got an error message stating SiteBuilder has recovered from a serious error.  As you can imagine I am not a happy girl.  Grr!  I’ll give them a serious error.  Mutter, mutter, mutter.

I am back on hold with Yahoo as I write this.  To be continued…

Okay back again.  Jeremy did something magic and now I can save things.  I so made all my changes and published them.  Or so I thought.  When I checked I had two different versions of the home page.  The old one when the browser is opened.  The new one when HOME is clicked.  Hmm.  When I go in SiteBuilder both are identical.  Both were saved.  Both were published.  Supposedly.  What do you see?  Click here and let me know please.

I give up for today.  I’ll chat with Yahoo again tomorrow.


Taylor Tryst said...

Looks like the update took just fine, B. Good for you! Looks great and I can't wait to see how many free books are given away to readers who will hopefully follow-up by buying your backlist!

barbara huffert said...

Thanks, Taylor! I hope so. I like that series.