Monday, July 29, 2013


By now you’ve read Questing that you downloaded free earlier this month.  I really hope you enjoyed it.  Really, really, really hope so.

On to Chaos, book two in the Cosmic Connections series.  These characters may have been the most fun to work with.  They were always doing wicked things and making me laugh at all sorts of inappropriate times, like the weekly production meeting at the job I had at the time I was writing it.  Yeah, you can imagine how well that went over especially when the others in the office were lacking a sense of humor.  I didn’t even attempt to explain it.  Better to let them wonder.

Blurb –
When Shane McKade wakes up trapped in a bed, handcuffed to Alyssa Campini, he figures things could be worse. She aggravates him to no end but sex with the sassy photographer is smokin’.

Alyssa met McKade while photographing street gangs, and the hot cop has been a thorn in her side ever since. His only redeeming feature is an ability to deliver twenty-four orgasms in twenty-four hours—if he can stop arguing with her long enough, that is.

Then Shane is shot protecting one of Alyssa’s gang kids. When both find their lives in danger, perhaps it’s time to stop fighting and start evaluating what they mean to each other…before it’s too late.

Available from Ellora's CaveKindleNook.

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