Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shanking My Head

I masquerade as an adult.  The façade falls to pieces as soon as corn cut off the cob stays in chunks which can be eaten with my fingers.  Yep, brings the kid in me right back to the surface.  But there's nothing better than that!

I was at the farmers market today where I came across some lovely fingerling potatoes.  I asked the young lady behind the stand how many were in a pound.  Twenty-two.  She counted them into a bag.  I was very well behaved.  No sarcastic remarks.  Next time I know to be more specific and ask to see a pound of fingerlings.

I also got a bit of ultra nummy double smoked ham to make into ham and string beans.  Another reason to tolerate this summer nonsense.

Off to cook.  I’ll probably still be at it tomorrow.  There was a mix up and someone donated a LOT of beans.  If I’m not back have a happy weekend!

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