Thursday, July 11, 2013

So Tired!

~white light, shining bright
in my bedroom window pane
sleep no more again~

Last night I went up to bed fairly early in order to relax and read before going to sleep.  It was still semi-light.  When I finished my book hours later it was full dark.  I turned the light on my bedside table off.  And it stayed just as bright in my room.

The neighbor installed a dusk to dawn light.  Twice the size of a streetlight and three times brighter.  Seriously.  It’s brighter than those annoying super bright halogen headlights.  And it’s positioned right at eyelevel when I crawl into bed.  No, I can’t close the blinds.  If I do that it will block the fan and I will suffocate.  There’s only one window in the bedroom so the fan must stay where it is.

I prowled my house most of the night since it was impossible to sleep.  With where they placed the light I will never need to turn on lights in my kitchen again either.  Even though there is a potential savings in electrical consumption for me and I would now be able to harvest strawberries in the middle of the night next spring, I find the situation intolerable.

This morning I called my neighbor and asked that something be done about it.  She wasn’t sure if it was possible as her grandson arranged the installation for her.  I requested that she speak with him and find out.  I really need to sleep at least a little bit now and then.  If his response is no, deal with it I suppose I could always contract the boys who were having target practice in my alley last week to shoot it out every time it’s repaired.  Perhaps.  We’ll see what he says.

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