Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some Days Are Like That

I'm searching for a part time job.  I have things that need doing that require income greater than mine.  Necessary things.  Like my roof leaks.  And I'm still not sleeping well due to the hateful light right outside my window which means sooner or later I will be forced to move.  Of course if I do that I suppose I really don't need to can all that much about the roof.  However, I would like to at least break even on my house so I guess I need to deal with the roof after all.

This quest is very depressing.  I had an interview a week or so ago that emphasized just how much more "mature" I am than the folks interviewing me.  When asked what direct experience I had for the type of position they were hiring for I named the store I worked at all through high school and the beginning of college.  Nope, neither individual had heard of it.  Total blank stare.  You should have seen the looks I got when I supplied the tidbit that I had to figure tax manually which required me to actually know what items in Pennsylvania are actually taxable.  If I hadn't been maintaining a professional demeanor I'd have laughed.

Most places don't even bother chatting with me.  I have too much experience for them to believe that I'd work at whatever they're offering.  What they seem to overlook is that I do have that experience so I understand what I'm getting myself into.  Frankly they're missing out on someone, me, who would make their supervisory lives a little bit easier.  Tell me what needs doing and send me on my way.  I'm capable of most everything I set my mind to and not afraid to ask questions if I hit a snag.

All I need is a chance.  So hire me already!

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