Friday, August 9, 2013

Always Something

Last January the local gas company decided it was my block’s turn to have all the meters moved outside.  On the coldest day of the year, during the middle of the week so I had to use up a vacation day, they came and spent eight hours relocating mine.  That entailed leaving the doors and windows open to dissipate the gas that escaped during the process.  They insisted it wasn’t much but it smelled awful and strong so I wasn’t taking any chances no matter how frigid it got.

Since then the pavements have remained mangled which has allowed water to seep in where it hadn’t before.  The end result?  My basement is damp.  Very damp.  The paint is crumbling off the street-side wall due the moisture.

Three weeks ago they came and broke up the sidewalks even more.  Of course there have been torrential downpours several times during those weeks.

Yesterday I came home to find this.  Can’t get to my front door without using my neighbor’s steps which don’t really line up with mine.  Can’t get through the alleyway to my back door.  Although that’s okay since using it would trigger the alarm which is not necessarily a bad thing, to remind the area that I have one but it’s a nuisance discussing why it went off with the monitoring company.

And I should mention that it’s been raining off and on the past twenty-four hours, making my neighbor’s steps very slippery.  If I suddenly vanish check the cement out front, I’ll probably be embedded in it.  That is if it ever stops pouring long enough for them to come and replace it.

Happy weekend, all!

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