Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Morning to You Too

I was in the office first this morning.  Before it was fully light outside.  I walked in, turned on the lights and the copier, stashed my lunch and wet about working.  An average beginning to my day.

I was sitting at my computer, checking on something when I caught movement.  In the form of something black crossing my field of vision.  I turned to watch it and saw it cross the room, turn the corner and head up the steps.

It was a bat.

Apparently I disturbed it when I turned the lights on.  It went upstairs where it was still semi-dark.  I finished up what I was working on, called someone to notify him of the bat’s presence, left a note on the interior door for the coworker due in next who is terrified of such things and went on my way.  I had something that needed immediate attention that took priority over the bat.

As expected, the coworker called to ensure I was serious.  She seemed very happy with me for not letting her encounter the bat.  The gentleman I called was still tied up when she approached him for assistance.  So another coworker came and rescued the poor creature.  It was just a tiny thing, much more scared of her than she was of it.

Upon last report the bat was seen fluttering away across the rooftops, hopefully to find itself a new home, preferably not inside our offices.

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