Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I’ve been scarce lately.

There’s lots going on.  The fundraiser for my friend, Lance.  Thank you to all who have contributed.  If you haven’t yet please don’t wait until the very end.  It’s going okay – 29% of goal –  but not well enough to allow me to relax.  We have almost enough for him to buy a refurbished computer.  That will be fine if that’s what’s necessary although we’d prefer a new one.  The man writes constantly.  A new one will hold up better and last longer.  Click here for what I’m rambling about.  For your contribution you will get a personal thank you from Lance once all is said and done.  You’re thinking so what, right?  Trust me.  One day he will be HUGE.  Save his thank yous and you will be able to prove you knew him when…

I’m still searching for that part time job.  Reading is the poorest city in the nation of its size so it’s not easy.  I felt positive with an interview I had last week but the answer was the good news is I passed all the required clearances, the bad news is they will not hire me because of my schedule.  That leaves me wondering why I was interviewed at all since availability was part of the initial online application.  It’s getting a bit frustrating but I will keep trying.  I did see an article about vaccinating mosquitoes against malaria.  No, I don’t mean give me wee tiny needles and I’ll capture them.  They are inoculating individuals and offering them up to the mosquitoes.  The little nasties adore me but this is not a high risk malaria area so I suspect that eliminates that option as a part time job for me.

In the meantime I am poking at Book 4, Jesse's story, of my CosmicConnections series.  It’s hard.  The rough draft was written during a rough patch of my life so the plot is rather heavy for an erotica.  But it’s a good story!  And I adore the characters.  There’s even bits of humor now and then to lighten it up.  All in all I think it’s worth the effort to polish it so I can then submit it for consideration.

What are you up to these days?

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