Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Once Again

Why is it that nothing can ever be simple?  Absolutely nothing!  Last week the UGI guys came and jack hammered the pavement in order to replace it.  Okay, fine.  Been waiting MONTHS for them to show up.

However, they left it torn up all weekend.  Which meant my bottom step, which had been repaired nicely and firmly about a year ago, was left unsupported.  Yep, you guessed it.  It cracked and is now about to crumble again.

They came Monday and did sidewalk.  They filled in a tiny bit beneath my step.  Not the whole thing.  Not under the corner below the crack.  And not very well in the portion they did patch haphazardly. 

This morning as I was off to do errands the gentlemen were there finishing up.  So I asked them about my step.  Instantly I was informed it’s not their problem, it had been patched before.  Well, yes, it had been.  But until they messed with it last week it was just fine.  Sturdy, uncracked and going to stay that way.  Now, as it is, if it makes it until winter water will get in, freeze and expand and then the whole corner will break off.

We left it this morning with the worker bees needing to consult their supervisor.  Yeah, as expected no one showed up the rest of the day.  Tomorrow I will call UGI and argue some more.

As I asked why can nothing ever be simple?  

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