Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Timing is Everything!

I walked by someone today and was handed a chocolate cake.  A whole, uncut chocolate cake.  One of those specialty super moist dark chocolate layer cakes with oodles of rich chocolate frosting.

Can you imagine my glee?  All I’ve had for DAYS are veggies and fruits.  All fresh picked.  All absolutely delicious.  Truly wonderful and I’ve been very happy eating them.  But they are not chocolate cake.

Anyway this individual entrusted the cake to me intending that I share it with the coworkers in my area.  Guess what?  Of the nine of us in my domain only two of us are currently eating cake.  I even offered some to a few strays who wandered through while I was standing there, clutching the cake but got no takers.  Stop it!  I offered sincerely.  No snarling or feral glares were involved.  I was not wielding a knife threateningly as I asked.

Yes, there was much giggling today.  And I finally did release the cake box.  To the counter.  We needed to cut it in half!

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