Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sleep My Pretties

I went digging this morning.  The first sweatshirt day of the season.  I was amazed at the changes in one short week.

Several of the plants went from bright summer loveliness to fall fading in mere days.  It was a wonderful season for the flowers I tended and I’ve been very pleased with the appearance of the gardens.

But now it’s time to slowly say goodbye for the year.  I cut back the coreopsis which just last week were still putting out new blooms.  The sunflowers are drying. The cannas are wanting to be lifted.  And the purple-leafed plants are going to seed.  All signs of the approaching fall.

I alternated between melancholy and joy today.  I will miss my pretties while they sleep, building strength for next year.  But I know they will be back, lovely as ever.

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