Friday, September 20, 2013

Too Weird

Even for me. 

There was a man in Sweden who was acquitted of sex assault charges after being caught masturbating on the beach.  Apparently his actions weren’t directed at anyone else so it wasn’t a crime.  It may still be a misdemeanor but the report I read was still researching that.

At the end of the article it was mentioned how odd it seems, public masturbation not being a crime in Sweden, especially with such stringent child sex abuse laws, when there is a group attempting to make it illegal for men to stand while urinating in office restroom.  Much more hygienic to sit, no splashing, no puddles and all that. But it was argued that it is the shaking off afterwards that causes the problem, not the actual act of urinating so sitting is pointless.  No mention on how the party attempting to create this law intended on enforcing it.

Yes, I’m still searching for a part time job but no, I don’t think men’s restroom monitor is one I’ll be in any particular hurry to apply for.  On the other hand, it might provide with more entertaining conversation than working fast food.  Hmm.  Have to ponder that one.

Btw, there's still plenty of time to donate to Breathing Room.  Please do if you haven't already.  Every little bit helps!

Happy weekend all!

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