Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Weekend

I did a whole bunch of things.

Chores, of course.  Blech but necessary.

I read some.  Lady of the Reeds.  Wonderful book!  I’m taking my time, reading it slowly, savoring it.

I wrote some.  Revised a few chapters of Jesse’s story.  Tidied up some short stories, started some new ones.

Chatted with friends.  I adore them so!

Worried over my friend, Lance’s fundraiser.  Yes, I know.  Not even halfway through the time yet but that’s me.  I like when my friends are happy and have what they need to keep them following their dreams.

I was kitty sitting so I got to enjoy extra kitty love.  Such a sweet bunch.

Treated myself to nummy lunch and then soup for dinner since I’d missed it on the menu at lunchtime.  It’s both good and bad living next door to a place that serves tremendous food at reasonable prices.

Did some digging which is perfect for reflecting.  Yeah, lots of reflecting.  Been doing that lately.

How about you?

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