Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time is a Ticking

The campaign to assist my dear friend, Lance Cheuvront is half over.  To any of you who have already contributed, a huge thank you!  To those of you who haven't, what are you waiting for?  Even just a little bit can make all the difference so please help if you can.  Go here for Breathing Room on Indiegogo.

Samples of Lance's talent can be found on his Facebook page. Go become his friend and read his notes to see why his voice needs to be heard.

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Sephiri said...

Thank you so much for doing this Barbara! I am still a little uncomfortable about all of this but it means so much to me. I want to say that anyone who donates ten dollars or more will get a personally signed first edition of whatever my first work on the market is, and I will write individual poems for everyone who contributes at any amount. Thank everyone for even reading this.