Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Evils of Ebay

I don't shop much.  Hate it!  I avoid it as long as possible.

But there's just something about surfing shoes on ebay that I find relaxing.  Truly odd since I'm not really much of a shoe person.  I like my feet to be comfy.  Other than that I'm not overly interested.

But again, there's something about footwear on ebay.  I don't necessarily search for me all the time.  I have a select few friends I surf shoes for too.  Yeah, good thing they already know I'm insane.  Otherwise they might wonder when they get a link in their inbox to a nifty pair of shoes I've come across for them.

Here's my latest find.  Lime green Nike high tops.  Just about the last thing I need but they were brand new!  An unworn display pair for next to nothing.  Can you believe mine was the only bid?  Wonderful for me but I worry about what that say about the state of the universe when people aren't fighting over bright green and silver sneakers.

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