Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dinner Anyone?

While I was waiting for another round of Olympic installments I happened upon a show on the Travel Channel. Deep Fried Paradise. Anyone ever see it?

Deep fried turkey I've heard of. Not particularly fond of turkey except in monti-cristo sandwiches but I might taste it one of these days. Deep fried dill pickles, love 'em. Deep fried veggies. Well, it kind of defeats the purpose of eating fresh vegetables but I suppose it's better than not eating vegetables at all.

What got me was the segment on chicken fried items, more specifically chicken fried bacon. Chicken. Fried. Bacon. As in bacon dipped in batter similar to that resembling the stuff you put on chicken before frying it only with an extra layer of cornmeal for added flavor and then tossed into hot grease. Yes, these people fry their grease-based food in grease. They actually stated that it's the location men have been lying about frequenting for years. Um, I don't really think they're fooling anyone. All the patrons I saw in the background looked like they'd been eating chicken fried bacon for years. The sad thing is I think I'd like to taste it. Anyone in Texas want to join me?

Next up was a bit about deep fried burgers. Fried in the same grease they've been using since 1912. Okay they do strain and filter it daily but 1912? They even lock it up at night to keep it safe. Ah yes, I can see how that would be a concern. In case you're wondering, they don't offer lettuce or tomato for your burger but they do dip the buns in the grease for extra zing.

Don't worry, if you're not a burger person, there's another place where you can get deep fried hot dogs. You order them by how long they've remained in the oil. Apparently ones that are well done are an acquired taste. Again, these people take pride in their product. The only condiments available are cheese, onions, mustard and their special secret recipe relish. Ketchup shows lack of class so they don't offer it. I knew there was a reason I don't like ketchup besides for the taste!

Leave it to the British. There's a transplant in New York who started his own chip shop because he missed fish and chips. Fair enough. If I moved away I'd still want my tradiional comfort food too. But this guy has gone too far. He tosses everything into the fryer. Pizza, mac and cheese formed into patties, pie, candy bars, twinkies...

Go ahead and fry my pickles but leave my desert alone!


Ray said...

Now you talk about deep fried after I have been in the hospital for four days the weekend before last and am now trying to stick to my diabetic diet. I love fried food. I just have to wait until I am a little (a lot) thinner to try it. I love every one of the dishes you describe.


Sandra Cox said...

Gee do you think he'd fry me up a veggie burger?:)
I've never tried deep fried pickles. Can't quite warm up to that one:)

Ray said...

I used to visit a chip shop in Weymouth UK. I love fish and chips. One thing that was on the menu was deep fried veggie burgers. I don't know if they were healthy, but they were the best tasting I ever had. They weren't pre made patties, they were thick put together by hand.


Ashley Ladd said...

Okay, now I'm getting sick. Deep fried pickles? Fried turkey? Yuck!

Deep fried veggies would be like Japanese Tempura, right? They might taste good, but I think it would negate the healthy aspect of vegetables.

Amarinda Jones said...

I don't like anything deep fried - yes how boring am I? I live near a takeaway food place that batters and deep fries Mars I like junk food as much as anyone but that's a heart attack waiting to happen

Kelly Kirch said...

I saw that show!! Carol's family and I were watching it on Sunday and flabbergasted at the deep fried bacon. Sure I'd try it to say I had, but yikes! The old grease had me scratching my head too. I figure they have to be replacing what is used, so pouring more in when it goes down daily and they just haven't cleaned the frier or changed out the oil completely since 1912??? I dunno.

Molly Daniels said...

Our State Fair has had deep-fried Twinkies (yuck...unless you like roasted marshmallows, and I don't); Snickers, Milky Ways, pickles, and I'm anxious to learn what this year's 'delicacy' is!

Anny Cook said...

Deep fried pickles... Hmmmm. Well, I suppose.