Sunday, August 24, 2008

The End, For Now

Tonight are the Olympics closing ceremonies. Some of you have already had the opportunity to watch them. It makes me sad to see them end.

There were some great moments, like watching the men's basketball team redeem themselves after the debacle of 2004. They did it with style and class as atheletes of their caliber should. And in an exciting game, worthy of being a gold medal game too against Spain who made it more of a challenge than I'm sure some expected. Did you see the medal ceremony? They were so excited and proud and cute! Grown men, incredible atheletes and little boys all in one.

The womens beach volleyball gotta love those ladies!

What about the Australian platform diver who surprised the heck out of everyone and ruined the Chinese sweep? He was so ultra-serious while diving and then as soon as his has cleared the water coming out he had the biggest grin on his face. And then when he realized he won and burst into tears...I was crying right along with him.

Did you see the jump off? Two massive horses had double clear rounds and had to go again on a shortened course. I was holding my breath over every jump as if it would help. The first horse knocked down a few blocks on the last hurdle. That meant the second jumper could miss one jump in less time or go clear in more time. He had to choose which to go for. What did he do? Clear in less time. I think it was me holding my breath that did it for him.

Anybody catch the Russian synchronized swimmers? OMG those women amazed me! Actually all of them amazed me because I have this thing about being able to breathe. I can't hold me breath when I'm told to. Nope, can't do it. I panic. I'm okay when I decide to do it myself but tell me I have to keep my head under water for twenty-seven minutes while waving my legs, my body from the neck down, around in all sorts of fancy contortions like they do, no way. I'd die!

I'm with Molly, what's with the trampoline nonsense in the Olympics? When did that happen? Didn't stop me from bouncing on the sofa along with them every time they hit to help them get high enough to do their next trick though.

Marathon runners - what makes those people want to do that? Do they get up one morning and say oh I think I'll run to the neighboring city that's about 12 and a half miles away and back again for the heck of it?

What about the rowers? Don't you love how the coaches ride along side the courses on their bicycles shouting at them? I kept waiting for them to crash into each other. There's a sport I think I'd like to try. Hm, perhaps I'll get me a rowing machine and start practicing. If I do that at home for the next two years I wonder if I could find someone to take me seriously? I wonder how you go about trying out for the rowing team? And where I go to do this? I think I need a coach. Better get a stationary bike too.

There are plenty of other memories I could add but I'll stop here since not all of you are Olympic junkies like I am. And this is before the closing ceremonies which I'm sure will be spectacular!


Amarinda Jones said...

I didn't watch the Olympics - mainly just the highlights on the news and yeah that Aussie diver was something else

Molly Daniels said...

I missed the synchronized swimming because we ran out of TV's and DVR's. In fact, this am, some of the events had to be deleted so my hubby and K wouldn't miss their shows. But not the Opening Cermemonies! Still haven't watched the first two hours of that one yet.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a mermaid at Wikki Wachi in Fla. When I'm in the pool, I spend more time UNDER the water than on top! Mom used to say there were several summers she only saw my legs! See? I was in training for the synchro; just didn't know it existed!

And then moved on to diving...but would have stuck with the 3M board. No high dive for this chick! No way!

Sandra Cox said...

Great blog. Fun and exciting just reading it.

Ashley Ladd said...

I really didn't get into the Olympics although I enjoyed a few moments when the hubby turned them on.

I hope you enjoy the closing ceremonies.

Ray said...

I missed the synchronized swimming also. When my seventeen year old was six or seven one of the lifeguards told me that she was good enough to join the synchronized swim team. The minimum age for training was eight years of age. She never did it, but she could from the time she learned to swim do somersaults under water in the pool. After she got really good she could do four consecutive complete somersaults without coming up for air.

Had she continued and gotten the training she probably would have made the Olympics. For some reason it just never happened.


Molly Daniels said...

My record was 8, Ray:) Don't think I could do it now, though...

Kelly Kirch said...

Memories.... la la la la la la laaaaaaaa

I love the Olympics but my favorite events were over almost a week ago. Sure I like all the other stuff, but not with that same, gotta drop everything the X event is on intensity. I'm looking forward to two years from now and four years from now.

Does anyone know where it's going to be?

Ray said...

Eight is really great Molly. Andi was born with trachomalacia, a condition that made breathing difficult. The doctors said she would be lucky to live a year. She outgrew it and had the lung capacity to swim across the community pool underwater, and to swim half way back. Width, not length. Not bad for a four year old.


Ray said...

The 2010 Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver and the 2012 Summer Olympics will be in London.

I may go to the 2010 Games and combine it with a visit to my family in Washington, just south of British Columbia, Canada.


anny cook said...

Lovely closing ceremonies. Also watched the men win the volleyball competition. That was cool. Hope you enjoyed it all.