Friday, August 1, 2008


I am now the proud owner of 25 pounds of assorted rubber bands. Yes, that’s correct, rubber bands, those continuous stretchy loops used to secure any variety of items in a stack. Stop thinking what the … please. I did not go out and deliberately procure these for myself. I did not ask for them. I did not want them. They were given to me. Okay, now you can think what the…

Why? Not even the slightest clue but now that I have them I feel compelled to come up with as many potential uses as I can before I pass them on.

Here’s what I came up with so far.

How about substituting rubber bands for weapons?

I could fashion them into jump ropes somehow and distribute them around the city the last few weeks of summer.

I could loop them all together into one long string. With this, I could see how big an area I could stretch it around, join the ends together and then leave it there. Can you imagine the speculation it would cause?

Or perhaps I could use the string like yarn and knit myself something new to wear for the pizza boy.

If I weren’t afraid of it getting tangled up in something important, I’d attach balloons at intervals along the string and release it, just to see what happens.

Bondage anyone?

Aren’t baseballs rubber bands inside? I could make my own.

Crafts? I'm sure there's a whole slew of how-to's out there for that one.

Perhaps I’ll leave them on the coffee table as a conversation piece. Make people really wonder. Of course to do that I would actually have to invite people into my house but it might be worth it just to see the expressions on their faces.

Maybe I’ll put the bag out on my front steps with a “Free, Help Yourself” sign on it. I’m sure someone would come along and claim it within the hour since that’s how people are.

Any suggestions?


Dakota Rebel said...

What the?

How does one end up receiving a gift of 25lbs worth of rubber bands?

Where would one find such a large poundage of rubber bands to purchase for themselves?

I own a rubber band ball, though not made up with as many as 25 pounds of bands, and I have yet to use a single one. What exactly does one do with ANY rubber bands anymore?

Hmm indeed.

Dakota Rebel

Ashley Ladd said... could just throw it away? :)

Like Dakota, I wonder why someone gave it to you?

Sandra Cox said...

Hmmm, 25#s, hey? I don't think you'll be running out of rubber bands in the foreseeable future:)

Amarinda Jones said...

Suggestions? For you or the rubber bands? You worry me woman