Thursday, August 14, 2008

Problem Solved

I'm engaged!

No, not really. But I got your attention, didn't I? Actually I was proposed to yesterday. And I accepted.

Perhaps I should back up and explain. Last night, just as I was ready to call it a night, my phone rang. It was my dear friend Paddy, calling from Colorado to wish us a happy birthday. His is the day after mine. He moved out there about 13 years ago so we don't get to celebrate in person anymore.

We talked. And talked. And laughed. And talked. It's been about two months since we've spoken and there was plenty to catch up on. So we talked. And I cried. And we talked. And we laughed. Did I mention he was having birthday toasts for both of us?

Anyway when I mentioned that I was sad and lonely some days he said, and I quote, "Damn girl, I'll marry you in a heartbeat just get your ass out here." You can imagine the laughter that followed on my part. And then he said, "Well, how about it? You know I love you. I've always loved you."

Yes, Paddy has always loved me. And I've always loved him. He's the best kind of FRIEND a girl could ever hope to have. But he's so much the same person as I am that it's downright freaky. That's why all we've ever been and ever will be is friends. We'd ruin that if we ever attempted to be more. Of course, since it was our birthdays, I said, "I love you too. Sure, I'll marry you."

We both know we're not serious. But it was absolutely perfect for the moment and now I feel so much better. I've spent the entire day laughing over my "engagement". And now that I've shared my big news I hope you are too. I think this calls for a party. With cake!


Molly Daniels said...

What part of Colorado?

Congrats on your 'engagement':) See? I TOLD you you were loved!

J.J. Hebert said...

Oh, Barb, and I was about to congratulate you! What the heck...Congrats on your (fake) engagement. I wish you two the best. :-)

Regina Carlysle said...

Cutting a huge slice of cake in honor of your "engagement". How fun. Can we be your flower girls???? *batting lashes*

Nothing warms the heart like calls AND friendships like that.

Amarinda Jones said...

Are you sure you don't want to pursue this further?

Kelly Kirch said...

See and I'm thinking he'll call you up in a few days and ask you where you are. "We're engaged, remember?"

Congrats on the psuedo engagement and the good times.

barbara huffert said...

This poor man is off camping for the weekend. I can imagine the look on his face when he comes back and discovers what his off-hand remark started. Since dd on myspace is giving me away it's only fair that you're my flower girls Regina.

Good thing he not only loves and understands me but has a great sense of humor!

Smut Girl said...

Oh how bad can your heart ache in a good that was so sweet it hurts my heart way before you die? You're killing me, barb! Eff it. I say marry him for real. My man is my best friend and that is where 'boring married people sex' comes from. Who knows what could happen. I think you should go visit. And then post when you get married. I will send a cake.

Am I the only one wishing you would go marry his ass?

*sigh* Always the lone wolf. that's me.
p.s. Colorado is lovely. Lovely! A perfect place to be a writer. And have sex. With sweet men who say things like: "I would marry you..." I'm just saying...

barbara huffert said...

Well he did offer to send me a plane ticket if things here started getting to me too much and I needed a little break...

Smut Girl said...

you look like a woman who needs a break. yes. although i haven't a clue what you look like. at all. a break is definitely required.

colorado is the perfect place to pause and have sex. what? i mean pause and take A BREAK. isn't that what i said the first time?

i blame the wine.