Monday, October 11, 2010

Chocolate Extinct?

Roughly 1500 years ago, the Mayans domesticated cacao trees and began making chocolate. Due to a variety of fungal diseases, cacao trees are virtually nonexistent in Central America, its native habitat. Cacao is now grown in other parts of the world, predominantly West Africa. Scientists are having a race against time to try and develop disease resistant trees before the fungus reaches that area. If they fail, it is estimated that thirty to seventy percent of total global production could be lost. Personally, I find this very alarming. Time to stock up.

Did you know squids can fly? Neither did I. But they can. Sort of. Marine biologists have caught them in the act of propelling themselves out of the sea and then using their fins as wings to fly up to nearly forty feet, almost fifty times their eight-inch body length, sometimes nine feet above the water’s surface. This happens solo, in packs and at times, with enough force to match the speed of boats. Can you imagine zipping along the ocean and suddenly having a bunch of squid flying beside you? I love the thought of that! Not quite enough to make up for the impending loss of chocolate but it’s still making me smile.

On the “Get a Life” front, there’s now a corkscrew called the Electric Rabbit. Nope, corkscrew wasn’t exactly my first thought when I saw the heading either. It’s reported to be compact, up to three inches shorter than other electric corkscrews. For the low, low price of $49.95 it comes complete with a display that shows how many more bottles you can uncork before it needs recharging. Hmm. Does anyone else find this a tad scary or is it just me?

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