Friday, October 15, 2010


i’m feeling restless out of sync off balance out of sorts or the lopsy lyles as my dad used to say and i’m hungry but i don’t want anything i have at home and i can’t find anything i want delivered and i don’t really feel like going anywhere not that i could decide where i wanted to go anyway so if i’m staying home i should go change into my sweats since its chilly in here today which means it’s maybe time to close the windows at least most of the way but it’s supposed to be sunny this weekend and then i’d just end up opening them again so why bother but if i go upstairs i’ll probably flop on the bed and end up falling asleep which it’s way too early to do and i’d just wake up really hungry in a few hours so i should eat first but again i’m too antsy to deal with that so maybe i’ll work on the project i’m working on but it needs concentration that i don’t have at the moment so i could maybe read some of the book i started last weekend but it’s upstairs and if i go up there i won’t come back down which means i should blow out the candle i just lit but i don’t want to because it smells nice and i’m thinking it would be nice if i had tv today because then i could curl up on the sofa with a cover and watch something mindless but i don’t so i’d need to choose a movie which i have plenty to choose from but i can’t be bothered so maybe i’ll just go to be after all so have a good weekend and maybe i’ll be back to making slightly more sense next week or maybe not but i doubt any of you are still reading at this point so it doesn’t much matter anyway.

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