Friday, October 8, 2010

I Was Bad

I looked out my window at work this morning, as I do most mornings to see how pretty the petunias are, only to find a hole in the midst of them. Something’s been burrowing in my flowers.

The hole is currently about six inches across so it’s most likely a baby groundhog. Either that or perhaps a meerkat. I glanced out occasionally but didn’t catch any critters peeking back at me. Probably busy settling in since the hole wasn’t there yesterday. Prairie dogs would be nice. They’re fun to watch so I wouldn’t mind sharing the yard with a family of them.

Years ago I separated my yucca plants and passed a few on to a coworker. (It’s time again. Want some?) Anyway, they grew and holes started appearing around the base of the plants. The girl I gave them to asked if I had a guess as to what they were from and I instantly declared prairie dogs, followed with the logic that yuccas originate in the dessert so they attract them even in regions where prairie dogs don’t naturally live.

A few weeks later she came back and informed me that she’d been watching diligently but had yet to spy one. Unfortunately someone overheard her and questioned her as to why she would ever think she’d find prairie dogs in her yard. Yeah, you can imagine what happened next. Some people just love to spoil my fun.

Happy weekend!

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