Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Squirrel Month!

For those of you who don’t know, and I’m sure it’s all but a few, and aren’t already in the midst of celebrating, October is Squirrel Awareness and Appreciation Month.

To honor our bushy-tailed buddies I urge you to become a member of the Squirrel Lover’s Club. Founded in 1995 by Greg Bassett after a close encounter with a fox squirrel while visiting the Grand Canyon, the Squirrel Lover’s Club is an organization for people who believe squirrels matter. There are thousands of members world-wide who have united because they care about the well-being and humane treatment of squirrels.

Membership includes a bi-monthly newsletter which features stories, photographs, poetry, advice and resources for the squirrel lover. Poets get your pens moving and send off your tributes to your favorite squirrel. Photographers, get out there. We want to see your furry friends.

If you find an orphaned or injured squirrel, you can go the Squirrel Lover’s Club website for advice, including how to release the critter back into the wild once you’ve nursed it back to health though they do strongly recommend leaving that to a wildlife rehabilitator instead of undertaking it yourself. Remember, squirrels, cute and tamable as they are, are still wild critters, not house pets.

You’ll be most pleased to learn there is also a store with all your squirrely odds and ends. I know you just can’t wait to stock up.

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