Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I heard the funniest thing today. It was one of those little information moments on the radio. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant as a joke. The suggestion to help you become more productive is to “schedule” an interruption break and set everything that comes along aside until that time. Hahahahahaha! No, really. That’s their BIG idea.

In theory, it doesn’t sound like such a bad one. In practice however, they’re clueless. Or have never worked in the real world a day in their lives. The thought that everyone will just happily agree and return at a specified later time is too much.

Okay, wait. Perhaps I’m mistaken. Perhaps that is realistic and will occur without a hitch. Perhaps it’s just me and the places I’ve worked where that’s not at all practical. Telling one’s boss not to interrupt for oh maybe five hours would just not do. No, not at all.

What about you? Would this fly where you work? Oh they also recommended moving your computer to a location other than your desk and only using it when absolutely necessary. As I said, hahahahahahaha!

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