Monday, October 25, 2010

I Missed Something

The hiccup girl was back in the news today. The local radio station did a whole bit on how she went five weeks back in 2007 for hiccupping up to 55 times a minute, pretty much non-stop. No matter what she tried, nothing helped. Eventually, the hiccups faded away on their own and the girl ended up doing some media things.

Today’s story wrapped up with the reporter stating the girl is now nineteen and back in the news for killing someone during a robbery. She’s been arrested for first-degree murder which won’t be as easily remedied as the hiccups. Yep, they really did say that.

I’m horrified at the way the whole thing was treated. This is someone’s life that was taken that they’re talking about so flippantly. And I’m not entirely sure I understand the correlation. Did having never-ending hiccups do something to her mind that made her think a few years later that it is okay to rob and murder someone? Or is hiccupping a warning indicator of future malevolence? No, I really don’t get their point. Perhaps you could explain it to me.

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