Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Someone, rather something, bit off a chunk of my ear. No, not today. I have no idea when it happened other than before when I began to remember. I asked my mother and she doesn’t know. Actually, she didn’t even know a smidge of my ear is missing. But that issue is for another blog.

I suspect it was done by whatever it was that lived in the attic above my room when I was a very small child. I’ve told you about that room, remember? How there were holes in the ceiling with coverings that were in place when I went to sleep but moved when I woke up in the morning?

Anyway, it’s just a small area that’s missing, like something tiny nipped me. It had to be tiny since I was a tiny child myself when it happened. If something large had bitten me my whole ear would be gone. Or perhaps I’m thinking about this entirely wrong. Maybe isn’t a bite. Maybe I was marked for some reason, tagged. Makes me wonder.

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