Thursday, April 14, 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser

There’s a man who sits in his SUV across from where I work. All day. Every day. It’s not a fancy SUV, nor is it particularly ratty. It’s average looking. Just like the man himself. Both are always there, a constant in the neighborhood, something seen without really being noticed.

Today however, one of my coworkers pointed him out and we talked about him. Again, he’s always there. She’s seen him coming out of a building across the street in the morning. Her theory is that he lives there, is unemployed and sits in the car to save his parking space without having to put money in the meter. Our block is the last with meters so he could move a block away and not have to worry about it. She thinks he won’t do that because something happened in the past and he’s concerned about the safety of his vehicle when it’s out of sight.

My thought is that he is just staying with someone who lives across the street and isn’t trusted enough to remain inside alone after the individual goes to work. He’s unemployed and can’t really afford gas to drive anywhere though not totally destitute since he has Dunkin Donuts cups on the dash. He spends his days reading in the front seat with his book propped against the steering wheel or reclining in the back. There’s always music playing and it’s a wonder that his battery hasn’t gone dead.

Another idea was that he conducts business out of the SUV but no one ever stops to speak with him so that pretty much rules that out. Or he could be from some agency and sitting there is his undercover assignment. Hmm. He doesn’t look all that threatening. Perhaps I’ll stop by tomorrow and ask if I can interview him.

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