Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look At Me

Standing in the moonlight
In all my glory
My alabaster skin glowing

Hips swaying gently
To a melody on the wind
That only I can hear
Fingers delving
Touching secret spots

Concealed in shadow
Dreamed of
Yearned for
Hands moving
Cupping curved softness
Arms raise slowly
Twining overhead
Whole body undulating
In a dance as old as time
Curls flowing
Fluffed by the breeze
That carries the scent
Of my sweetness
Lips glistening
Waiting to be kissed
Clouds play over the moon
Hiding me from view
Am I here?

Or am I gone?
Bored by your indecision
The sky clears
The world pauses
Captivated by my sudden stillness

My eyes pierce your soul
Pinning you
Yes, I knew you were there, watching
Look at me
I am a Goddess

Are you worthy?

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