Tuesday, April 5, 2011


“Only three people were shot in Reading on Sunday.” Yep, that really is how one radio station reported it. Only three people were shot in what is being considered as two unrelated incidents. Well isn’t that just ducky? Only three people. They make it sound like LOTS of people are shot in Reading all the time. There is a lot of shooting. And there are people shot fairly often. But not nearly as often as gunfire is heard. So it’s not really as bad as that one report implied.

It seems the people shooting in my neighborhood are using their weapons more as noisemakers than to do bodily harm. Either that or they’re really, really bad shots since there have been fewer people injured in my immediate vicinity than years past. Or perhaps they’re hunting rats, though I doubt it due to the lack of rat carcasses lying around.

Moving on…

I heard today that indicators show that gas prices aren’t expected to drop anytime soon. And that the cost of a gallon of gas has been inching up over the last several weeks. Um, no. It went up six cents last Friday alone. When I left on my little journey gas was $3.62/ga. When I hopped back on the turnpike to return home the price was $3.68/ga. Sorry, but I don’t consider that “inching up”. I don’t see how they can possibly justify that much of a jump in just a few hours.

I suppose I don’t grasp the whole gas pricing process. It seems to have the ability to change at any given moment. Does that mean the refineries are purchasing oil every minute of every day, around the clock? And processing it instantly? Yeah, I don’t understand how this one works at all.

Beau’s been telling me stories. Pretty cool, having a magical kitty who can do that. The only trouble is he tells me everything except the first lines. That makes it a little difficult for me to write them down for him. I keep explaining that the opening lines are essential but he’s still a baby and doesn’t seem to get that yet. Sigh. We’ll keep working on it because his tales are very wicked and definitely worth sharing.

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