Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is Beau’s birthday. Hard to believe he’s only been around a year. He’s such a wise old soul sometimes. And at others, he’s still all kitten. Just ask the big cats.

We are, of course, having the celebratory birthday tuna for dinner. Then the big cats have a stash of toys for Beau. I think they’re hoping that he will then leave the toys they already have for them to play with. Not very likely. He has obviously decided that all toys are his, whether they’re old or new.

I got him his very own notebook which he’s already started using. He was there when I brought the bag in and when he found it he knew it was for him so I didn’t make him wait until tomorrow to open it. He’s written his first story, Hands On. It’s a creepy little tale and I’m so proud of him. Maybe, if you ask nicely, wish him a happy birthday, and send your email addy, he’ll let you read it.

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