Friday, March 23, 2012

Must Be Me

I went off to the eye doctor yesterday. It’s been over three years so I decided I was due. What should have been a simple, nothing special experience soon turned into an adventure. Yes, I know. Happens all the time with me. By now I should expect it.

It started out when I checked in. The ladies at the desk asked me three times if I hadn’t already been there. Um, no. I have my moments but I really do believe I’d remember leaving work and going off hours early for such an appointment.

Then I discovered the doctor I’d had for years was gone. Okay. I’ll give the new one a try. She was pleasant enough. I asked about wearing contacts again. I had to stop because I had some cornea problems a while back. She said she had no objection to it. Although I’d need to monitor how long I wore them very closely and be sure to remove them after an hour or so. I don’t know about you but my day typically lasts longer than that. If I can’t pop them in before I leave the house and forget about them until I’m back home again, I’m not interested.

Next she decided my eyes needed to be dilated to complete the exam. In the meantime she sent me off to look at new frames. I am EXTREMELY nearsighted. Without my glasses I can see maybe three inches on a good day. It makes choosing things that require me to be able to see somewhat difficult. There was a little boy who came to assist and I’m betting wished he hadn’t. I’d try something on, squint at the ultra blurry image in the mirror and ask his opinion. After the fourth “Oh they’re nice.” I realized it wasn’t working. So I told him to pretend he was with his girlfriend and have a real opinion since I was certain he wouldn’t let her go around looking like a mismatched dweeb. Believe it or not but it worked and he became truly helpful. I ended up with frames that are slightly unusual but they suit me. Since I’m slightly unusual too. No sunglasses however. They would have been an additional $500.

Back for the final check and it was time to pay. After much debate the ladies who thought I’d already been there stated my insurance doesn’t require a co-pay. Odd. I thought it did. On my way I went, only to receive a call from one of the ladies last evening requesting me to return and pay my co-pay. I think, after being assured I didn’t owe anything for the exam several times, it’s not right for them to charge me. But, since I don’t have my new glasses yet, I will more than likely end up paying it. After I chat with the powers that be there.

Happy weekend all!

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